We are a United Methodist church that strives to continue with the story of the primitive Church from the book of Acts, and with the spiritual awakening of Methodism from the XVIII century. We accomplish this through our vision, mission, values, ​​beliefs and team.

We hope that through the information provided you will get to know us, and what we are all about. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Casa Linda Church.

Casa Linda United Methodist Church exists to serve the city of Dallas as a spiritual compass pointing people to Jesus Christ.

Embrace people with the love of Jesus;
Empower them to grow into spiritual maturity; and
Equip them to find their place of service in God’s world.

All activities, events, and opportunities are focused on our mission. Our desire when you visit Casa Linda for the first time is that you feel embraced and welcomed regardless of your past, culture, or language. However, our hope is that you do not remain in that same stage, but grow in your spiritual maturity through the different opportunities we offer, and thus finally find a place where you can serve.


  • We seek to develop an outreach culture which knows no boundaries or limits.
  • We seek to develop an invitational culture through our interpersonal relationships.



  • We want people to grow in spiritual maturity and commitment through the opportunities that the church provides.



  • We encourage each person to find his or her place of service according to their spiritual maturity.



  • We treat visitors, members and congregants with an inclusive spirit showing appreciation and respect.
  • We invest in the care of the facilities to create a pleasant and inspiring space.



  • We reflect in every word, behavior and action a lifestyle that honors God and build up our neighbor.



  • We seek to work in a team context and we strive to live in community regardless of our culture and language.



  • We extend and build the kingdom of God through our contributions and a generous attitude.

We are a church that believes that God works incomprehensibly through baptism and Holy Communion. We let the Holy Spirit be the one who makes us grow in holiness and makes us all more Christ-like. We are agents of change in our society through social justice, and helping others in our community.

We believe that God is the creator, lover of all that exists, both seen and unseen. God exists as the Trinity, three persons, yet one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

We believe that Jesus was fully human and fully divine. He lived a sinless life, was crucified for the sins of all of us, buried, and rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. One day he will come again to establish His kingdom of love as ruler of all that is. 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

We believe that the Holy Spirit was sent from God to the world, and is willing to live within all who surrender to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit teaches, comforts, and empowers us for ministry in the world, and support the body of Christ through the various gifts; promoting unity, interdependence, productivity, Christ’s character, and love among Christians. John 14:26

We believe in the Bible, God speaks to us through Scripture, and our privilege is to try to understand the message of God and reasonably apply it to our lives. The Bible is our authoritative guide in all matters of faith and practice. 2 Timothy 3:14-17

We believe that salvation comes to people by the grace of God through faith in Jesus only. People receive the gift of forgiveness and spiritually are reborn through the repentance of their sins and their faith in Jesus Christ. Even though good works and a holy life do not guarantee eternal life, but are natural products of a repentant believer who demonstrates their salvation through them. Ephesians 2:1-10

We believe in the church as the community that bears the work of Christ in the world after his departure. The church is the primary agent through which Jesus continues his mission in the world and consists of all believers under the Lordship of Jesus. Acts 6:1-6

We hope that through the information provided you know more about us. Do not hesitate to contact us about any questions you have about who we are.


Pastor David Rangel

Lead Pastor

Pastor David Rangel is the lead pastor of Casa Linda United Methodist Church in the Dallas area. A native from Monterrey Mexico, Pastor David came to Dallas in 2005 as a missionary to support the Hispanic Methodist churches. He then stayed and currently belongs to The North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in Administration and a minor in Music Education. He graduated with a Master of Divinity from SMU in May of 2017.

In the local church, his call is to make disciples and equip them to discover their call in serving God. Around the United Methodist conferences his call is to help pastors who want to start Hispanic ministries; his desire is to help grow the Hispanic ministries of The United Methodist Church; by coaching discipleship, worship, and small groups. His brother Kaleb Rangel and he have created a discipleship/leadership pathway “Route 180” that will be published in 2017. This program has helped worship attendance grow from 55 in 2011 to 150 in 2014.

Casa Linda is one of the most vibrant and fasted growing Hispanic churches of The North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church. In 2015 Casa Linda was chosen to receive the One Matters Award for being one of the churches in the U.S. with more professions of faith in a year. Pastor David and Casa Linda have been chosen to be an incubator of future planters in association with Path 1 and The Center of New Church Development & Congregational Transformation of The North Texas Conference. Casa Linda, will be the first church in The North Texas Conference to multi-site a Spanish speaking church. Currently, Pastor David is working on his first book titled Flying which will be published in August of 2017. Pastor David has been married with his wife Liliana since 2011 and together have a daughter named Emma Olivia. Pastor David’s passion is making disciples and being an instrument of spiritual transformation in the life of people.


Pastor Carlos Ramirez

Associate Pastor

Pastor Carlos was born in Monterrey, Mexico in a home of believers. This let him have many experiences with God in his life. However, when he was eight-teen years old he experienced God’s forgiveness in his life. From that time, he became a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, and began living a life of transformation.

After three years of his encounter with Christ, God called him to ministry. He continued his studies in Music, and then enrolled in John Wesley Methodist Seminary to be a pastor in Monterrey, Mexico. He got married after six years while he was serving in some churches in Mexico. Since 2015 he is happily serving God with his lovely wife in as part of the Casa Linda pastoral staff.

Pastor Carlos is the site pastor from Casa Linda at Pleasant Mound. He is also the drummer of the praise band and enjoys serving the Lord and seeing how He guides him through his ministry.


Pastor Idalia

Associate Pastor

Pastor Idalia Luna is one of the Associate Pastors at Casa Linda United Methodist Church. A native from Victoria, Mexico. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Theology.  She received her call when she was a youth and young adult leader, in the Methodist Church in Mexico. Since her early years, her senior pastor helped her know how important was to make disciples. Years later, she enrolled in John Wesley Seminary to study Theology in Monterrey, Mexico. Pastor Idalia, came to the U.S in 2009, and married Javier Luna. She has two children Josue and Sofia. She became a member in Casa Linda UMC in 2013 and then became an Associate Pastor in 2016 where she reconnected with ministry in USA.

She is the embrace pastor, and is in charge of connecting visitors and community with the church, reach, care, and receive the new people. In 2018, she will plant the third Spanish speaking campus of Casa Linda.


Pastor Kaleb Rangel

Associate Pastor

Reverend Kaleb Rangel is the associate pastor of Casa Linda United Methodist Church. A native from Monterrey Mexico, Pastor Kaleb came to Dallas in 2006 as a pianist accompanist to work with the chancel choir after a successful music carrier in Mexico. In 2007, he took over the music ministry upgrading the music programs and events of Casa Linda. He currently belongs to The North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has bachelor’s degree in Music. His brother David Rangel and he have created a discipleship/leadership pathway “Route 180” that will be published in 2017 and both share a discipleship workshop and coach pastors and lay people in their ministry. He has also coached praise bands, and different churches to improve their worship experience.

Pastor Kaleb married Julie Jung in January 2012 and together have two beautiful children, Ethan Hasung y Liam Hayong.

Pastor Kaleb is passionate about teaching, coaching, and helping others in their faith walk.


Pastor Joaquin Martinez

Youth Pastor

Joaquin Martinez was born in El Paso, Texas January 7, 1991. His parents are Joaquin and Lupita Martinez. He was raised in Juarez, Mexico where he lived with his parents and siblings until he was 15 years old. After that, he moved to live with his grandparents in El Paso, Texas to begin learning English and continue with his education there. He attended “El Divino Salvador” Methodist Church in Juarez, since he was a child until he answered his call to ministry, then he moved to Dallas to work at Casa Linda UMC in 2016.

Before coming to Dallas, he was involved in the youth ministry in various areas from local to conference levels. Joaquin felt God was calling him to ministry since he was around 20 years old. He is someone who since he remembers loves serving and helping others. Throughout the years, God has allowed him to teach and preach among various places and youth groups in Mexico. He is in the process of earning a bachelor in Computer Science, to later continue with his education for ministry.


Monica Lopez

Lay Administrative Assistant

Monica was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. She was taught about God at school but it wasn’t until she was 16 that she decided to follow Jesus and surrender her life to Him. Her life was changed from that moment, and understood the grace of God in her life, and she continues to see it every day.

She worked as an English teacher in Mexico for seven years and looks forward to do what her passion is, to teach. She also worked with youth in her church as their leader during her time in Mexico.

In 2010, she met her husband Juan Carlos (Associate Pastor at Casa Linda Church), while he was studying in seminary. She never thought she will be living in Dallas, but in 2015 after almost a year of being married, she and her husband were called to work for the Lord in the Dallas area, at Casa Linda Church. As a couple, she and her husband always try to be an example to others at church and outside.

She is happy with the opportunity to be part of the team at Casa Linda as the Lay Administrative Assistant. She enjoys serving God, working with people, helping and caring about what they need, she enjoys teaching her Children’s Sunday school and using her creativity to find new ways of reaching people through social media. You can always find her in the office and she will be glad to assist you in anything you need (not only with office supplies but with an advice or a word of encouragement too).


Rosedanny Ortiz

Logistics Director

Rosedanny Ortiz is the Logistics Director at Casa Linda United Methodist Church in Dallas Texas, the church where she currently is an active member. She moved from Puerto Rico to Dallas after completing her bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and after marrying her husband Luis Malavé. Since the moment she became a member of Casa Linda UMC her desire to help the growth of the ministry started to increase rapidly. Her discernment questions about her call started to be answered, and doors began to open in this area. Rose, understood that it was time to pursue and begin the process to be a local pastor. In addition, the interest for developing her leadership with the objective of applying it to the ministry has led her to pursue her Master of Divinity Degree at SMU.

At Casa Linda, she has served in different areas such as the chairperson of the Lay Teaching Committee for Pastor David Rangel, church History Committee, and the leader of the young adult small group. Since January of 2017 she was hired to be the Logistics Director, in which she has a team of seven people that help her to connect the community and church members with the different church activities. She loves the opportunity this church gave her in leading the team towards a growth in their leadership and spiritual life. She looks forward to seeing all the things that God has planned to do in her life and in this church.


Nicholas Ward

Site Coordinator

Nicholas Ward is the Site Coordinator for Project Transformation’s After-School Program here at Casa Linda Church. He is a recent graduate from Wiley College with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.  Nicholas started working with the organization as a Member in 2015. He has continued to work every summer since, while this time taking on year round. He says “Seeing the different children through the years that I served at precious sites and the progress they have made is the driving force of why I support Project Transformation and its mission”

In his role as the Site Coordinator Nicholas is responsible for overseeing and supporting his fellow members, maintaining and upholding the mission and quality of programming, forming relationships with his participant’s teachers and families, supporting and meeting the holistic needs of the children, and connecting the community with Project Transformation and Casa Linda Church. The goals of the program include providing a safe fun environment, improving the reading progress of the children, developing social and emotional learners, and connecting and engaging families in need to the church.

If you want to know more about who we are call us at 214.321.2601 or write to us info@casalinda.org we would love to hear from you and share any extra information you may need.